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2023 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.

Monday, June 12th, 2023

PPSA Call to Action 2.0 – Panel Discussion, Matthew Kanneberg - WestRock, Matt Moore - Sonoco, Stacy Fanchin - WestRock, Eric Barnes -International Paper

Providing Accommodation to New and Existing Employees: An Employer’s Guide in Managing the Challenge, Patrick McConnell, WorkWell

New Technology Showcase, Vendor Presentations

Making Safety Fun, Innovative and Refreshing / High Functioning Safety CommitteesMatthew Kanneberg, WestRock

New Technology Showcase, Vendor Presentations

The Team’s Critical Few – A Current Best Approach to Identification, Evaluation and Resolution of Safety Issues, Warren Johnson

Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

Learning from Normal Work, Dr. Marcin Nazaruk

OSHA Update, Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

Dekra - How Leaders Can Create a Real Rather than Espoused Speak Up Culture, David Musgrave, Dekra

Transforming Safety and Applying HOP, Focused on Frontline Workers, Dawn Wurst, Georgia Pacific

PIT/Pedestrian Technology & Current Trends, Tanner Hayman, International Paper

Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

Technology & Workplace Safety, DeWayne Bone, Greif / Matthew Kanneberg, WestRock 

Making Safety PersonalRandy Adams, Kruger Products 

2022 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.

Monday, June 12

Opening Keynote- Elizabeth McCormick

Cybersecurity Collaboration: Cyber Threats to the Forest Products Industry & Available Federal Resources- Kirby Wedekind, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) – Invaluable Resources- Matthew Kanneberg, WestRock

Using a Safety Framework for Sustainable Improvement- Matthew Hall,SafeStart

Leaving a Safety Legacy- Wylie Davidson

New Technology Showcase

Tuesday, June 13

Opening Keynote- Reducing Exposure One Decision at a Time- David Musgrave, Dekra

A Refocused OSHA:  What’s the Latest in Rulemaking and Enforcement and What Are We Likely to See (and Not) in 2022?- Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

Learning Teams- A handy tool for moving from investigations to learning- Helen Harris, WestRock

Fall Protection in General Industry- Spencer Hunter, MSA

How the use of robotics can increase productivity and safety at the same time- Bob Brown, ISI Robotics

PPSA Awards Call to Action- Peter Masias, PPSA Awards Chair

Safety Committee Finalist Presentations

Wednesday, June 14 

Leading in Unfamiliar Territory- Tim Keck, Safehaven Security

Innovator Finalist Presentations

Panel Discussion- Pandemic Effects and Response 



2021 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.

Monday, October 18

Opening Keynote- Candace Carnahan

Safety Committee Finalist Presentations

 Do you Care? Show Me!- Matthew Kanneberg, WestRock (Supplemental Material- 2015- 10 Cs Presentation)

Safety’s Flux Capacitor: Learning from the Past and Present Determines Your Future!- Danny Smith, SafeStart

New Technology Showcase Session 1

New Technology Showcase Session 2

Innovator Finalist Presentations

Annual PPSA Business Meeting

Tuesday, October 19

Opening Keynote- Would You Watch Out For My Safety?®-Empowering People to Work Safely!- John Debringer

OSHA Reenergized:  Increased COVID-19 Activity, Increased Inspections, More Money, and New Leadership – What’s Next?- Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

Contractor Roundtable

Drones in Pulp and Paper- Blake Gilikin, Rimcor, Inc. 

A Proactive, Systems-Based Approach to Preventing Serious Injuries & Fatalities-  Devin Bennett,  LPS Center

Journey to Resiliency- Leslie Petrie 

Closing Keynote- Incident prevention "Influencing behaviours - Inspiring change"- Curtis Weber

2019 Conference Presentations

Monday, June 24

Work Place Violence: Prevention and Intervention- Dr. Dennis Davis, Ogletree Deakins

Call to Action Panel- Joy Ausman, Clearwater Paper, Paul Bierley, Domtar, Matthew Kanneberg, WestRock

Safety It's In Your Hands- Billy Parker, Lending a Hand, LLC

New Technology Showcase, pt.1

New Technology Showcase, pt. 2

Modernizing Process Safety Management in Pulp & Paper- Devon Downs, Katten Muchin Rosenman, LPP, Trey Morrison, Exponent

Tuesday, June 25

Pursuing Safety Excellence: the 4 Core Components- Shawn Galloway, ProActSafety (please click link to request a copy of the presentation)

OSHA Direction and Update- Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

Emergency Preparedness Panel- Matthew Kanneberg, WestRock, George Kolesar, Sonoco, Douglas Stilwell, International Paper

Three Leadership Strategies to Minimize Risk-Taking Behavior- David Galloway, The Continuous MILE

Contractor Session- Ted Carroll, Jacobs, Rusty Smith, Austin Industrial, Dean Kuhlman, Thompson Industrial, Brian Bork, CR Meyer, Dick Jackson, International Paper

Safety: Engage your Workforce and Achieve High Safety Performance- David Pearson, WestRock

Safety Committee Presentations

Wednesday, June 26

NOT the Security Person- How to Manage Safety and Security in an age of Active Shooter- Tim Keck, GoBulletProof

Innovator Presentations

Enhancing Human Ingenuity Thru Human Performance Improvement- Shane Bush, BushCo, Inc.


2018 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.


Monday, June 18

The New Human Performance Safety Theory- Dr. Todd Conklin

SIF Update- Steve Newell, ORCHSE Strategies

A Real-World View: Implementing New OSHA Fall Protection Regulations- Thomas Kramer, LBJ Inc. 

One Step Forward, One Step Back: Just How Different is the 'New' World of OSHA under Trump from the 'Old' One under Obama?- Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

Conducting Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) Using NFPA 652 (2019) Practical Tips & Approaches- Mike Snyder, DEKRA Insight

New Technology Showcase (Part 1)

RiskBand- Jay Ryan, RiskBand

New Flameless Venting Technology- Jason Krbec, CV Technology

ROSS Controls: Pneumatic Safety Valves- Eric Cummings, ROSS Controls

ISN Finacial Tool- Jared Engler, ISN

New Technology Showcase (Part 2)

Egopro Safe Move- Rob Hruskoci, Advanced Industrical Marketing, Inc.

NTS: New SZ-V Series Safety Area Scanner from Keyence- Patrick Lee, Keyence

Blackline Safety- Yves Carrier, Blackline Safety

Stem ShieldTM- Your Industrial Valve Safeguard- Larry Kilian, Haws


Tuesday, June 19

What is Best In Class Contractor Management?- Richard Cerenzio, ISN


Contractor Safety Panel

Dick Jackson, International Paper

Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

Richard Cerenzio, ISN

Ronnie StameyC&R Compliance

Making it Personal: Ergonomics and Employee Engagement- Dr. Robert Cannon, SafeStart

Active Shooter: Three Killer Myths and Five Best Practices- Tim Keck, GoBulletProof

Safety Leadership- Kirt Cuevas, International Paper

Perception is Reality: How to Assess Your Safety Culture Through Custom Employee Opinion Surveys- Peggy Parskey,  Parskey Consulting

Sonoco Serious Incident Review- Matthew Moore, Sonoco

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Program- Cheryl Louck, DHS/CFATS


Wednesday, June 20

Follow Me I'm Right Behind You! How to Lead and Influence Others- Jody Urquhart


Innovator Presentations

Domtar Rothschild Witches Hat Strainers

Westrock Lebanon G7/Web Pallet Inverter- Shoulder Savers

Domtar Johnsonburg Improved Chip Dumper Concept to Remove Energy Potential

Domtar Addison Pedestrian Walkway Gate Activity Signal Lights

Clearwater Lewiston Pedestrian Guarding

Clearwater Lewiston Overhead Eye Cleaner

Domtar Kingsport Liquor Gun/Liquor Hose Cam-Lock Fitting Cover


Safety Committee/Team Presentations

WestRock Hand Safety Committee, Mahrt Mill

Domtar Plymouth Mill - Central Safety Committee 

WestRock Chattanooga Mill Leadership Team 

Domtar EAM (Engineered Absorbent Materials) from  the Jesup, GA Plant Safety Committee


2017 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.


Monday, June 18

It's a Wonderful Life - Dale Lesinksi, DiVal Safety

Serious Injury & Fatality - Research and Conclusions - Josh Mrozowsky, DEKRA Insight

GM Engagement Panel

Phil Freel - New-Indy Containerboard

Jeff Walters - Kapstone

Melvin Yates - WestRock

OSHA Direction & Update - Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

New Technology Showcase (Part 1)

Brady Link360 and Our New Lockout Verification App - Dave Neuman, Brady

Revolutionary anti-fog technology and wearability: The keys to compliance, reduced eye injuries, and cost savings - Dave Gelpke, HexArmor

Latest Advancements in Wireless Technologies - Mikel Kettler, Industrial Scientific

Tracking Individual Level Data - Karlee Summey, ISN

 Contractor Safety Management - Randy Marconnet, AMEC Foster Wheeler

New Technology Showcase (Part 2)

Protecting People On and Off PITs, Inside & Outside at the Loading Dock - Tim Kubly, Rite-Hite

Mobile Reporting that Works – Inspections, Incidents & Safety Observations to Make Us Better - Scott Brothers, Cisco-Eagle

Effective Methods of Mitigating Arc Flash Risk - Ray Urbanic, Southwest Electric

Door Buster’ for Opening UP Boxcars at the Shippers Location Safely and Efficiently - Scott M. Dressler, The Arnold Company


Tuesday, June 19

New Approaches for Fatality and Serious Injury Prevention: Select Findings from ORCHSE Strategies, LLC - Steve Newell, ORCHSE

USW’s Experience with Significant Injury and Fatality Elimination - Leann Foster, USW; Steve Sallman, USW

Accidents Change Lives, My Personal Story - Jeff Pallini, Fosber North America
presentation has not been released for distribution

Evolution of International Paper’s LIFE Initiative - John Williams, International Paper

Increasing the Effectiveness of Labor-Management Safety and Health Committees - Steve Sallman, USW

SAPPI Critical Incident Review - Kenneth D. Fox, SAPPI

What is a SIF - Paul Noe, AF&PA


Wednesday, June 20

How GP Used a Focus on “Critical Hazards” to Address Serious Injuries and Fatalities - Walter Tyler, Georgia Pacific

Innovator Presentations

MSK Film Height Adjuster - Domtar, Addison 

Slitter Blade Change Jig - WestRock, Chattanooga                           

Roll Bumper Safe and Effective Adjustment - Domtar, Windsor 

Liquor Gun Cradle - WestRock, Mahrt 

Side Entry Retrieval Device - Domtar, Rothschild                

Easy Truion Change - WestRock, Tacoma 

Strapper Spool Change Ergonomic Improvement - WestRock, Solvay 

Safety Committee/Team Presentations

Central Safety Committee (CSC) - WestRock, Demopolis 

Plant Safety Teams - WestRock, Nicholasville   

 Tulare Food Service Packaging - WestRock,  Tulare    



2016 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.

Monday, June 6

Human Performance - Meeting The Challenge - Steve Borkowski

Management to Employee Communications - Randy Adams

Safe For the Right Reasons - Wylie Davidson
please contact Wylie Davidson at Dival Safety & Supplies with any questions. [email protected]

Substance Abuse – A Growing Concern - Dr. Warren Silverman

New Technology Showcase (Part 1)

A variety of automated detection methods to help increase forklift/pedestrian safety - Alex Gandall

Using Technology to Drive Electrical Safety” - Edmundo Perich

Introducing the Ventis™ Pro Series - Mike Kettler

RAVS Plus – The Next Level in Contractor Information Due Diligence - Matthew Childers

Highlights of ANSI 107-2015 Hi Visibility Standards - Sally Boven

OSHA Direction & Update - Eric Hobbs

New Technology Showcase (Part 2)

New Solutions for Pedestrian & Fork Lift Protection - Jim Oates
please contact Tim Kubly at Rite-Hite with any questions. [email protected]

Pneumatic Controls for Machine Safety - Steve Boyette

SafeTec Due to Diligence Report Powered by Otis™ - Paul Stenbak

GateCheck Application - Tess Ventress
please contact Tess Ventress at TAPPISafe with any questions. [email protected]

Are You Prepared to Handle an OSHA Inspection - Eric Hobbs

Tuesday, June 7

Human Factors - The Third Dimension of Risk Assessment - Larry Wilson
presentation has not been released at this time

Bionomics- Finally a Solution to Prevent Back and Other Sprain/Strain Injuries - Dennis Downing

Managing Combustible Dust - Bayless Kilgore

Innovator Presentations (Part 1)

Lockout Board for Training Purposes - Domtar, Windsor

Feed Platform Lifting Automation - WestRock, Joplin

Snow Removal Platform - Domtar, Ariva

Incident Investigation from an HPI Perspective – One Company’s Journey - Michel Paquette

Innovator Presentations (Part 2)

Safety Lockout Trailer - Domtar, Marlboro
presentation has not been released at this time

Reliability Training Program - WestRock, Nicholasville

Dock leveler "STOP" signs - Domtar, Dubois

GM Engagement Panel - Chester Fort, Mark Bessette

Safety Committee/Team Presentations

Safety Committee - Weyerhaeuser, Buckhannon

Central Safety Committee (CSC) - Domtar, Plymouth

S.W.A.T. (Safety Working All Together to Eliminate Accidents Mill wide) - New-Indy Containerboard, Ontario

Safety Committee - WestRock, St Paul


Wednesday, June 8

Workplace Violence Prevention - Scott Gane

Fall Prevention/Roof Guarding - David Orton

2012 GHS- Recognized Issues in the Paper Industry - Thomas Smith

Safety, Reflecting Forward - Ted Borgerding

The Aging Workforce - Dr. Warren Silverman

Managing Employee Wellness - Dr. Terry Taylor

Having Fun with Employee Wellness - Brett Moore



2015 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.

Monday, June 8

Safety Transformation: Engaging the Head and Heart- Joe Estey

Focus on Engaging Leadership Panel- Bob GrygotisMatt PeerboomBrent Fisher

Growing a Human Performance Culture- David Bowman

Workshop: Leading a Successful Safety Culture Vernon- Joe Estey

The Best Apple And Android Safety Apps & A Better Way To Search The Internet- Dave Weber

Building a Safety Culture- Thomas Evans


Tuesday, June 9

Strategy: The Missing Component of Safety Excellence- Shawn Galloway

New Technology Showcase

SafetyManager™: Making Safety Proactive- Clint Thacker

Man-Machine Interface Risk Assessments- Bayless Kilgore

Shadow Hook Enhancement to the "Original Dok-Lok" - Tim Kubly
please contact Tim Kubly at Rite-Hite to review your application. [email protected]

Limitless Wireless Alarm Solutions- Larry Kilian

Tracking Individual-Level Data in ISNetworld- Flavio Santos

Employee Injury Prevention Program- Brett Moore

XP MAX Protective Workwear- Tim Ledbetter, ORR Safety

Pneumatic Safety for Machine Guarding- Eric Cummings

Safetec Connect: A RESTful Application Programming Interface (API)- Paul Stenbak

Work Hard, Stay Cool: ColdRush- Erika Bruinsma

Apps & Best Practices to Manage Compliance- Meredith Foggin

2015 OSHA Developments and Legal Review- Eric Hobbs

Innovator Presentations  

Hands-free Portal Crane Power Cable Grease Applicator- Domtar, Plymouth Woodyard

Pulp & Paper Near Miss project- Zellstoff Celgar, Castlegar
presentation has not been released at this time

Small Roll Stabilizing Tool- Domtar, Rothschild

Cutter Lighting- RockTenn, Joplin

Controlling Chip Dust Issues- Domtar, Malboro

Active Shooter Planning & Drill- RockTenn, Hillside

Protection Against Water Infiltration on Gas Detector- Domtar, Windsor

10 C’s of an Engaging Leader- Matthew Kanneberg


Wednesday, June 10

Making Paper Can Be a Pain—Ergonomics & the Impact of Human Error- Dr. Robert Cannon
presentation has not been released at this time

Know Your State: The Hidden Risk in Emergency Response- Larry Kilian

Course Correct Your Culture With a One Degree Shift- Debbie Whitt 




2014 Conference Presentations

Leadership Redefined - Dave Webber
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Changing Your Safety Culture to Prevent Accidents and Injuries - Don Theune

Caring Leadership Panel - Bob Williams, Michael Hignett, Bill Edwards

Leadership Skills for Safety Professionals - Isabel Perry
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Caring Leadership - Commitment to Excellence - Matthew Kanneberg

Predicting, Preventing, and Eliminating: Using Data to Eliminate Death - Chuck Pettinger
this presentation was not released by the speakers.

21st Century Technology in Safety - Dr. Isabel Perry
this presentation was not released by the speakers.

2014 OSHA Developments and Review - Eric Hobbs

Innovator Awards
some presentation were not released by the speakers.

Health and Safety Mini Videos: Domtar  - Windsor Mill
Gang Saw Clam Lid Remote Operation: Weyerhaeuser - Dierks Lumber Facility 

Shaft Tugger Cart - RockTenn - St. Paul Mill

Press Felt Removal Systems: Domtar - Johnsonburg Mill

Complacency: The Silent Killer - Don Wilson
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Brian's Story - Jeff Bell
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Lower the Likelihood and Severity of Major Injury Accidents - David Wilbanks
the original version of the presentation was not released by the speakers. 

FUNctional Safety Ideas - Linda Bruce


2013 Conference Presentations

Senior Executive Address - Dirk Krouskop

Coping with Human Error Through Human Performance - Shane Bush

To Improve Safety Performance - Stanley Cherkasky

Operation Lifesaver - Melvin C. Jones

Human Performance at Three O’clock in the Morning  - Tim Autrey

Hazard Mapping or Pre-task Risk Assessment - Terry Hughes and Jeffery Tong

A Contractor’s Perspective of Safety - Jacobs Engineering

IP Life Initiative - Beth Dajnowicz

Principled Centered Safety - Thomas Evans

Hazards of Liquid Oxygen Storage and Unloading - Matthew Kanneberg

The World of OSHA from a Beltway-insider’s Perspective - Marc Freedman

OSHA Developments - Eric Hobbs

Understanding the Legal Pitfalls of Environmental and Safety Compliance Auditing- Todd Palmer and Eric Hobbs

Regulatory Updates - Larry Halprin and Eric Hobbs



2012 Conference Presentations

Leading Groups and Individuals to Improve Safety - Jack Bray

Safety Culture Excellence - Shawn Galloway

The Industrial Athlete - Brett Moore

Safety Tools for All Employees - John Sunderland

Mill Case Study – Contractor Incident - Steve McKenny 

OSHA Update - Benjamin Ross 

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Be a Safety Leader - Matthew Kanneberg

Regulatory Developments & Review - Eric Hobbs and Charlie Morgan

Addressing Combustible Dust - John Sunderland & Larry Halprin 

GHS – Changing to Match European Standards - Heather Marenda

Creating a Culture of Engagement & Personal Accountability- Don Groover

NFPA 70E Update - Brian Downing

The Design, Implementation, & Impact of Leading Indicators - David Harrington & Matt Saxe

Humor in Safety - Tim Page-Bortorff



2011 Conference Presentations 

Attibutes of a Desired Safety Culture - Rodney Grieve

 Boise Mill Case Study - Doug Howard

Buckeye Foley Safety Process

Continuous Improvement & Engagement - Chris Glover

Devleoping First Line Safety Leaders - Marty Barfield

Dock Safety Presentation - Larry Warren

Domtar Ashdown - Jarrod Washington

Handout Ergo Strategy Overview - Sue Cooper

I2P2 Proposed Rule - Brad Hammock

OSHA - William Burke Region VI Deputy Administrator

OSHA Developments and Review - Eric Hobbs

OSHA Issues for Corrugated Box Plants - Tom Watson

Our Ergonomic Journey - Sue Cooper

Port Wentworth Fatality Review Final - Matt Kanneberg

PPSA Safety Intervention Process - Chris Redfearn

Opening Keynote- Would You Watch Out For My Safety?®-Empowering People to Work Safely!

Spencer Hunter, M