Safety Performance Awards

All awards forms are linked below. The deadline for the Safety Leader of the Year award nominations is March 2nd, 2021. The deadline for all other awards is August 2nd, 2021

"The Executive Eagle" 
The Executive Eagle can be presented annually and is the Association's most prestigious award given to an outstanding executive in the paper industry who has made major contributions to the cause of accident prevention in his/her own company and beyond.

“The PPSA Distinguished Service Award”
The PPSA Distinguished Service Award is the association's highest award for service, and may be presented annually to recognize leadership and service within the association. 

"The Award of Safety Excellence" 
This is the most prestigious award given for operating excellence. Three of these awards are presented annually. One to combined paper mills, tissue mills and recycle mills; one to all converting operations combined; and the third to all woodlands and solid wood operations. The award is based on the best safety record for three consecutive years.

“The Safety Innovator Award”
The PPSA Safety Innovator Award will go to the one facility annually demonstrating the most innovative safety improvement product/process implemented during a designated date range prior to the annual conference. In order to receive this award, a facility must apply for it, be selected as a finalist and lastly present their innovation in a spirited completion at the annual conference. Conference attendees vote via secret voting to determine the year’s annual winner.

"Industry Safety Committee/Team Award"
This award honors a pulp & paper industry safety committee/team that has made a significant contribution to safety & health at their location, company, or within the industry.

"Safety Leader of the Year Award"
The PPSA would like to recognize outstanding achievement within the safety profession with the Safety Leader of the Year (SLY) Award. The SLY Award recognizes a single forest products industry leader who has demonstrated unique, engaging and effective approaches to the safety programs within their company. In doing so, this individual has had a profound and positive impact on safety within the forest products industry.