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Conference Presentations


2017 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.


Monday, June 18

It's a Wonderful Life - Dale Lesinksi, DiVal Safety

Serious Injury & Fatality - Research and Conclusions - Josh Mrozowsky, DEKRA Insight

GM Engagement Panel

Phil Freel - New-Indy Containerboard

Jeff Walters - Kapstone

Melvin Yates - WestRock

OSHA Direction & Update - Eric Hobbs, Ogletree Deakins

New Technology Showcase (Part 1)

Brady Link360 and Our New Lockout Verification App - Dave Neuman, Brady

Revolutionary anti-fog technology and wearability: The keys to compliance, reduced eye injuries, and cost savings - Dave Gelpke, HexArmor

Latest Advancements in Wireless Technologies - Mikel Kettler, Industrial Scientific

Tracking Individual Level Data - Karlee Summey, ISN

 Contractor Safety Management - Randy Marconnet, AMEC Foster Wheeler

New Technology Showcase (Part 2)

Protecting People On and Off PITs, Inside & Outside at the Loading Dock - Tim Kubly, Rite-Hite

Mobile Reporting that Works – Inspections, Incidents & Safety Observations to Make Us Better - Scott Brothers, Cisco-Eagle

Effective Methods of Mitigating Arc Flash Risk - Ray Urbanic, Southwest Electric

Door Buster’ for Opening UP Boxcars at the Shippers Location Safely and Efficiently - Scott M. Dressler, The Arnold Company


Tuesday, June 19

New Approaches for Fatality and Serious Injury Prevention: Select Findings from ORCHSE Strategies, LLC - Steve Newell, ORCHSE

USW’s Experience with Significant Injury and Fatality Elimination - Leann Foster, USW; Steve Sallman, USW

Accidents Change Lives, My Personal Story - Jeff Pallini, Fosber North America
presentation has not been released for distribution

Evolution of International Paper’s LIFE Initiative - John Williams, International Paper

Increasing the Effectiveness of Labor-Management Safety and Health Committees - Steve Sallman, USW

SAPPI Critical Incident Review - Kenneth D. Fox, SAPPI

What is a SIF - Paul Noe, AF&PA


Wednesday, June 20

How GP Used a Focus on “Critical Hazards” to Address Serious Injuries and Fatalities - Walter Tyler, Georgia Pacific

Innovator Presentations

MSK Film Height Adjuster - Domtar, Addison 

Slitter Blade Change Jig - WestRock, Chattanooga                           

Roll Bumper Safe and Effective Adjustment - Domtar, Windsor 

Liquor Gun Cradle - WestRock, Mahrt 

Side Entry Retrieval Device - Domtar, Rothschild                

Easy Truion Change - WestRock, Tacoma 

Strapper Spool Change Ergonomic Improvement - WestRock, Solvay 

Safety Committee/Team Presentations

Central Safety Committee (CSC) - WestRock, Demopolis 

Plant Safety Teams - WestRock, Nicholasville   

 Tulare Food Service Packaging - WestRock,  Tulare    


2016 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.

Monday, June 6

Human Performance - Meeting The Challenge - Steve Borkowski

Management to Employee Communications - Randy Adams

Safe For the Right Reasons - Wylie Davidson
please contact Wylie Davidson at Dival Safety & Supplies with any questions.

Substance Abuse – A Growing Concern - Dr. Warren Silverman

New Technology Showcase (Part 1)

A variety of automated detection methods to help increase forklift/pedestrian safety - Alex Gandall

Using Technology to Drive Electrical Safety” - Edmundo Perich

Introducing the Ventis™ Pro Series - Mike Kettler

RAVS Plus – The Next Level in Contractor Information Due Diligence - Matthew Childers

Highlights of ANSI 107-2015 Hi Visibility Standards - Sally Boven

OSHA Direction & Update - Eric Hobbs

New Technology Showcase (Part 2)

New Solutions for Pedestrian & Fork Lift Protection - Jim Oates
please contact Tim Kubly at Rite-Hite with any questions.

Pneumatic Controls for Machine Safety - Steve Boyette

SafeTec Due to Diligence Report Powered by Otis™ - Paul Stenbak

GateCheck Application - Tess Ventress
please contact Tess Ventress at TAPPISafe with any questions.

Are You Prepared to Handle an OSHA Inspection - Eric Hobbs

Tuesday, June 7

Human Factors - The Third Dimension of Risk Assessment - Larry Wilson
presentation has not been released at this time

Bionomics- Finally a Solution to Prevent Back and Other Sprain/Strain Injuries - Dennis Downing

Managing Combustible Dust - Bayless Kilgore

Innovator Presentations (Part 1)

Lockout Board for Training Purposes - Domtar, Windsor

Feed Platform Lifting Automation - WestRock, Joplin

Snow Removal Platform - Domtar, Ariva

Incident Investigation from an HPI Perspective – One Company’s Journey - Michel Paquette

Innovator Presentations (Part 2)

Safety Lockout Trailer - Domtar, Marlboro
presentation has not been released at this time

Reliability Training Program - WestRock, Nicholasville

Dock leveler "STOP" signs - Domtar, Dubois

GM Engagement Panel - Chester Fort, Mark Bessette

Safety Committee/Team Presentations

Safety Committee - Weyerhaeuser, Buckhannon

Central Safety Committee (CSC) - Domtar, Plymouth

S.W.A.T. (Safety Working All Together to Eliminate Accidents Mill wide) - New-Indy Containerboard, Ontario

Safety Committee - WestRock, St Paul


Wednesday, June 8

Workplace Violence Prevention - Scott Gane

Fall Prevention/Roof Guarding - David Orton

2012 GHS- Recognized Issues in the Paper Industry - Thomas Smith

Safety, Reflecting Forward - Ted Borgerding

The Aging Workforce - Dr. Warren Silverman

Managing Employee Wellness - Dr. Terry Taylor

Having Fun with Employee Wellness - Brett Moore



2015 Conference Presentations

Please note the presentations that have been released for distribution are currently linked below. If you see a presentation that does not link to a pdf, please check back as it is subject to change in the next few days.

Monday, June 8

Safety Transformation: Engaging the Head and Heart- Joe Estey

Focus on Engaging Leadership Panel- Bob GrygotisMatt PeerboomBrent Fisher

Growing a Human Performance Culture- David Bowman

Workshop: Leading a Successful Safety Culture Vernon- Joe Estey

The Best Apple And Android Safety Apps & A Better Way To Search The Internet- Dave Weber

Building a Safety Culture- Thomas Evans


Tuesday, June 9

Strategy: The Missing Component of Safety Excellence- Shawn Galloway

New Technology Showcase

SafetyManager™: Making Safety Proactive- Clint Thacker

Man-Machine Interface Risk Assessments- Bayless Kilgore

Shadow Hook Enhancement to the "Original Dok-Lok" - Tim Kubly
please contact Tim Kubly at Rite-Hite to review your application.

Limitless Wireless Alarm Solutions- Larry Kilian

Tracking Individual-Level Data in ISNetworld- Flavio Santos

Employee Injury Prevention Program- Brett Moore

XP MAX Protective Workwear- Tim Ledbetter, ORR Safety

Pneumatic Safety for Machine Guarding- Eric Cummings

Safetec Connect: A RESTful Application Programming Interface (API)- Paul Stenbak

Work Hard, Stay Cool: ColdRush- Erika Bruinsma

Apps & Best Practices to Manage Compliance- Meredith Foggin

2015 OSHA Developments and Legal Review- Eric Hobbs

Innovator Presentations  

Hands-free Portal Crane Power Cable Grease Applicator- Domtar, Plymouth Woodyard

Pulp & Paper Near Miss project- Zellstoff Celgar, Castlegar
presentation has not been released at this time

Small Roll Stabilizing Tool- Domtar, Rothschild

Cutter Lighting- RockTenn, Joplin

Controlling Chip Dust Issues- Domtar, Malboro

Active Shooter Planning & Drill- RockTenn, Hillside

Protection Against Water Infiltration on Gas Detector- Domtar, Windsor

10 C’s of an Engaging Leader- Matthew Kanneberg


Wednesday, June 10

Making Paper Can Be a Pain—Ergonomics & the Impact of Human Error- Dr. Robert Cannon
presentation has not been released at this time

Know Your State: The Hidden Risk in Emergency Response- Larry Kilian

Course Correct Your Culture With a One Degree Shift- Debbie Whitt 



2014 Conference Presentations

Leadership Redefined - Dave Webber
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Changing Your Safety Culture to Prevent Accidents and Injuries - Don Theune

Caring Leadership Panel - Bob Williams, Michael Hignett, Bill Edwards

Leadership Skills for Safety Professionals - Isabel Perry
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Caring Leadership - Commitment to Excellence - Matthew Kanneberg

Predicting, Preventing, and Eliminating: Using Data to Eliminate Death - Chuck Pettinger
this presentation was not released by the speakers.

21st Century Technology in Safety - Dr. Isabel Perry
this presentation was not released by the speakers.

2014 OSHA Developments and Review - Eric Hobbs

Innovator Awards
some presentation were not released by the speakers.

Health and Safety Mini Videos: Domtar  - Windsor Mill
Gang Saw Clam Lid Remote Operation: Weyerhaeuser - Dierks Lumber Facility 

Shaft Tugger Cart - RockTenn - St. Paul Mill

Press Felt Removal Systems: Domtar - Johnsonburg Mill

Complacency: The Silent Killer - Don Wilson
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Brian's Story - Jeff Bell
this presentation was not released by the speakers. 

Lower the Likelihood and Severity of Major Injury Accidents - David Wilbanks
the original version of the presentation was not released by the speakers. 

FUNctional Safety Ideas - Linda Bruce

2013 Conference Presentations

Senior Executive Address - Dirk Krouskop

Coping with Human Error Through Human Performance - Shane Bush

To Improve Safety Performance - Stanley Cherkasky

Operation Lifesaver - Melvin C. Jones

Human Performance at Three O’clock in the Morning  - Tim Autrey

Hazard Mapping or Pre-task Risk Assessment - Terry Hughes and Jeffery Tong

A Contractor’s Perspective of Safety - Jacobs Engineering

IP Life Initiative - Beth Dajnowicz

Principled Centered Safety - Thomas Evans

Hazards of Liquid Oxygen Storage and Unloading - Matthew Kanneberg

The World of OSHA from a Beltway-insider’s Perspective - Marc Freedman

OSHA Developments - Eric Hobbs

Understanding the Legal Pitfalls of Environmental and Safety Compliance Auditing- Todd Palmer and Eric Hobbs

Regulatory Updates - Larry Halprin and Eric Hobbs

2012 Conference Presentations

Leading Groups and Individuals to Improve Safety - Jack Bray

Safety Culture Excellence - Shawn Galloway

The Industrial Athlete - Brett Moore

Safety Tools for All Employees - John Sunderland

Mill Case Study – Contractor Incident - Steve McKenny 

OSHA Update - Benjamin Ross 

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Be a Safety Leader - Matthew Kanneberg

Regulatory Developments & Review - Eric Hobbs and Charlie Morgan

Addressing Combustible Dust - John Sunderland & Larry Halprin 

GHS – Changing to Match European Standards - Heather Marenda

Creating a Culture of Engagement & Personal Accountability- Don Groover

NFPA 70E Update - Brian Downing

The Design, Implementation, & Impact of Leading Indicators - David Harrington & Matt Saxe

Humor in Safety - Tim Page-Bortorff


2011 Conference Presentations 

Attibutes of a Desired Safety Culture - Rodney Grieve

 Boise Mill Case Study - Doug Howard

Buckeye Foley Safety Process

Continuous Improvement & Engagement - Chris Glover

Devleoping First Line Safety Leaders - Marty Barfield

Dock Safety Presentation - Larry Warren

Domtar Ashdown - Jarrod Washington

Handout Ergo Strategy Overview - Sue Cooper

I2P2 Proposed Rule - Brad Hammock

OSHA - William Burke Region VI Deputy Administrator

OSHA Developments and Review - Eric Hobbs

OSHA Issues for Corrugated Box Plants - Tom Watson

Our Ergonomic Journey - Sue Cooper

Port Wentworth Fatality Review Final - Matt Kanneberg

PPSA Safety Intervention Process - Chris Redfearn