2019 Human Performance Improvement (HPI) “What Works – What Doesn’t” Workshop


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Join us for an in-depth conversation about the hurdles that prevent companies from experiencing the full benefits of a mature Human Performance Improvement integration.  Most companies begin their human performance journey with good intent.  But as the days turn into months, and months into years some are not seeing the results they want.

It will cover:

Why an organization would want to pursue HPI

What are the characteristics of successful organizations & unsuccessful organizations?

Key reasons for failure, training requirements, implementation strategies

Round tables of companies who have implemented HPI to discuss the methods,

issues, and better practices from their perspective

A perspective on HPI from organized labor

A case study from a company who struggled with implementation and then got back on track

The discussion will focus more on the “how to” than on the what HPI is. 

Questions will be addressed such as:

1.       Will this approach work in my organization currently,

2.       If not, what do I need to accomplish before we can undertake HPI

3.       If so, what are my next steps and how do I proceed

4.       Executive level understanding of the HPI philosophy, event analysis, and proactive tools – what is necessary to sell it to senior leaders,

5.      Companies successful insight into hurdles, better practices, and success stories,

6.       How it is both refreshed and ingrained into the processes over time,

7.       Why HPI implementation efforts fail and how do I avoid these pitfalls?

If you plan to attend, please send questions in advance to [email protected].   Also, please send your current implementation plans in advance or bring them with you if you. 

Space for the workshop is limited.  If you would like to attend, please register early.  Also note that this is a separate registration from the PPSA Annual Conference but you do register at https://www.ppsa.org/